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Weights, Sneakers, Ear Buds, and Healthy Snacks

Battle the holiday pudge before it begins

The holidays are full of parties and social commitments, specialty foods, alcohol, stress, cold weather, lack of sleep, and a plethora of other distractions that can stand in the way of well-planned exercise and...
Fall to winter illustration

Change is Easy… Try Evolution

by Michael Valenti, MA, TLLPIt has arrived. Amidst a whirlwind of uninvited emotional wrath, it has arrived. You are only afforded a momentary respite to catch your breath and align your thoughts. Time is...
Man in green shirt looking down at his arm as he recieves a shot

Flu shots

Get your flu shot before the flu gets you! Free to all students No out of pocket cost to you. Fees will be billed to individual insurance providers. A healthy you: Campus Health Center...
Warriors wash their hands

Warriors wash their hands

The Campus Health Center & The Office of Environmental Health & Safety at theDate: Tuesday, January 30, 2018Time: 10am-2pmLocation: Student Center Building – South Entrance Table
What is human trafficking?

What is human trafficking?

What is human trafficking? Exploiting a person through force, fraud, or coercion. Sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude. A highly profitable CRIME. Happening everywhere even in the U.S. Any person under the age...
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Stay healthy at WSU

Email: [email protected]: health.wayne.eduPhone: 313-577-5041Stay healthy at WSU with the campus health centerAbout us: The Campus Health Center is an academic nurse-managed clinic located on Wayne State Campus (WSU). We serve ALL currently enrolled WSU students,...

Healthy Holiday Tips!

By Carole GistWith the appearance of holiday decorations beginning in October, it’s hard to remember that the holidays don’t officially start until after Thanksgiving. For most of us, November through December will be a blur...
Warriors Wash Their Hands!

Warriors Wash Their Hands!

Warriors Wash Their Hands!Follow the 20-Second Rule!

Winter is here… Get your flu vaccine

Winter is here...Get your flu vaccine this year and every year.You have enough worries during the winter months. Don’t let the flu become one of them! Vaccine remains your best protection from the flu.Ask...
Female college student talking to a counselor

Am I depressed?

Being depressed is different from feeling sad or being in a bad mood once in a while, or when there is a good reason for these feelings like a loss or setback. Depression is...