Five things that a trainer can do for you!

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff—you are a member of the MHRFC, most likely, with limited time. Especially, if you have a life outside of work and academics. You may feel you don’t have time to work out. You may not see the benefit for you right now in your current situation. You may even feel you will get around to getting back in shape once you graduate, after this semester, when or some other future appointed date with healthy change. I hope that you don’t feel any of those things and remain action-less! Your health is vitally important to you and your “whole” success at whatever stage of life’s journey you are on. You may need to lose weight but that is not even what I am referencing. You need to have sharp focus, boundless energy, stamina for loaded schedules and a healthy stress release option without the aid of artificial or chemical substances. You owe it to yourself to make YOU a priority in this manner.

So, now that you have made the decision to really get in shape and begin going to the gym to take control over your health and wellness, you may feel intimidated or even uncertain. You are thinking, “Where should I start?” There are so many different pieces of equipment. You could be asking yourself various questions like, “Should I use this machine?” It looks like it will get your abs in shape. “What about that machine?” “It looks like it will trim some fat off these thighs.” “How do I get into this fitness thing?” “Am I supposed to feel this in my back?”

You may have great starting motivation to embark on your fitness journey, but after a while, you stop! You lose focus because you get discouraged, lack the knowledge to achieve the results desired or you hit a fitness plateau.

Here are five things that one of the many qualified and certified, skilled and knowledgeable personal trainers at the MHRFC would be able to do for you to help you on your journey to being fit healthy and well.

  1. Keep you Motivated to Work out and accountable to your goals
  2. Train you to Avoid the Plateau
  3. Coach you to Start well and Finish strong
  4. Help you Gain Muscle or Lose Weight
  5. Show you how to Use Equipment Safely and Effectively

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